The Bali Dog Halfway House

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We are halfway there.. to forever home I have dog withdrawal all the time. If a week goes by without a dog, something feels wrong. That's why I always miss my dog tremendously when I am away, that's why my life actually changes since we adopted him. The things I do, the places I visit, almost every decisions are based on how it would affect him, affect us with him. Anyway, befriending many beach stray dogs had been the activity in Bali that we do starting years ago until now, unlike human interaction, my weakness and limitation, I never had overload dog interaction, nothing is too much. But escaping away from social media for years make me miss, well, not much at all actually, but…

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The Beach Dogs

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Loved by no one, loved by everyone My regular beach visit started in 2013, the year I moved to Bali. On the first weekend after settling down, I went through the paper map (it was still a thing!) and picked a spot to explore nearby, Sindhu beach in Sanur. The great thing about staying in Bali, good beaches are just around you. A little bit of travel and we could find one. So there I was, taking cab (no Grab, Gojek or own transportation yet) in the mid hot Bali sun, walking around the beach, smiling like nuts and being mistaken as foreigner. I remember seeing two dogs playing in the water and was so excited to be part of their pack. I approached them…

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