Their home is with us

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I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.. Locky is my first dog that I can call my own. We used to have many family dogs in the past; Miki, Tiny, Bonnie, Lucu, Cori, Jessy, Bonnie (again), Kiki, Jimmy, Upik, Mopy.They were all adopted except Cori, a German Shepherd we acquired to help us guarding the house. For the rest, we got them through different ways. My cousin picked up Miki wandering alone from the street and brought her home, Tiny, Bonnie and Lucu was the offsprings of Miki with neighbor's dog (back then we didn't know anything about sterilization, I'm not even sure there were vets in our town), we adopted Bonnie and Kiki as puppies, Mopy and Jessy were adopted from family…

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