Why Locky? And friends?

Our love for dogs and cats started from childhood experience, when we adopted many to be part of our family and grew up with them. Dealing with challenging life, we missed having pets dearly during most of adulthood. Fortunately in Bali we were able to make a lot of furry friends on various Bali beaches, spending time and watching sunrise with them.

Then finally, we were lucky to adopt a tiny furry kid from a friend, and named him Locky after our favorite character, no, not Loki from Avenger sorry to disappoint you, but SherLOCK Holmes. He shares many traits with the great detective too. You will see him around from time to time, he may comes across as feisty, but that is just because he takes his responsibility of guardian of the house very seriously, and don’t let his size fools you.

With Locky, the beach visits becomes more enjoyable, he makes a lot more furry friends and there is never a dull beach day. We just enjoy spending time with them, while trying to provide something that they may need like cuddles, belly rubs and some food. The beach visit has become sunshine and highlight of our days, especially during our stressful office working life.


From there the idea was born, how if, we work with passion, for passion, for something that makes everyday as highlight, that going to work means surrounded by our favorite buddies. We took a leap and try to make it happen, we want to create a decent pet boarding in Bali, a safe and fun pet hotel where your furry family members would enjoy, providing them with love and care, a second home far away from home, so it would be easier for them while you are away.

Play time, exercise, socializing, staying overnight, long term or simply a day care, we have generous indoor space so that your pooches can enjoy those activities while protected from Balinese’s hot weather.