1. Locky and Friends has the right to put pet for bathing in case during check-in pet is in unclean condition. Pet is also required for bathing every 7 days during stay. (charge will be added based on price list)
  2. In the emergency health condition, Locky and Friends has the right to call Vet with owner permission. In case owner can not be contacted, Locky and Friends has the authorization to take recovery and life saving actions. (Vet bill will become owner’s responsibility).
  3. Owner has to declared any pet’s health condition/ personality/preference that needs extra attention/precautions.
  4. Pet owner understands the risks involved with communal playground. Although we will offer reasonable care, the unpredictable personality of pets can sometimes lead to injury. Pet owner agrees that any problem that develops with their pet will be treated as deemed best by Locky and Friends and full financial responsibility for all expenses will be assumed by pet owner.
  5. Meals and treats are provided by owner. Meal should be pre-proportioned in individually-sealed baggies.
  6. Locky and Friends cannot guarantee that toys, blankets, or beds will be kept in the same condition as brought in.
  7. Locky and Friends will exercise excellent care and attention for the pets. This includes supervised play, a loving and safe home environment.
  8. If for any reason the animal is not going to be picked up on the scheduled dismissal date, Owner shall contact Locky and Friends to make arrangements to extend the animal’s stay and will pay the additional charges based on rates.
  9. If pet is unclaimed for 10 days beyond its scheduled discharge date is considered abandoned and will become the property of Locky and Friends. Every effort will be made to contact the owner, if abandonment becomes an issue.
  10. Owner is obligated to pick up pet upon check-out. In the event that owner is not able to do so, owner has to inform Locky and Friends about the pet guardian. Photo ID and confirmation from owner is required.
  11. For safety/liability concerns, Locky and Friends does not allow:
    • Any aggressive dogs for boarding or daycare
    • Female dog in heat / menstruation. Locky and Friends reserves the right to return or separate female pet that menstruates during boarding.
    • Pet with health issues, unhealthy skin condition / ticks / fleas
    • Pets with incomplete vaccinations