Need a decent space to stay for your dogs and cats in Bali?

In Locky and Friends, we offer a comfortable pet boarding with non-cage but more like room system. 

Your furry family will be staying at individual room with various sizes to choose from. On special request, multiple small-sized pets can stay together in customized arrangement. Staying includes supervised play time in our indoor communal playground minimum twice a day, direct and cctv supervision, photos and videos daily or upon request (or we can’t help but send them to you anyway).


Dog Boarding:
Individual Room:
Small (AC + Fan) = IDR 90.000/day
Medium (Fan) = IDR 110.000/day
Medium (AC + Fan) = IDR 125.000/day
Large/Extra Large (Fan) = IDR 120.000/day

Multi-dog Pajama Party (Fan) = For those with multiple dogs that get along and prefer to stay together, we provide boarding multiple dogs in one spacious area, customized by request in advance.

Cat Boarding:

Two-level individual room  = IDR 90.000/day


All Boarding:

Long stay >7 days = Disc 5%
Long stay > 14 days = Disc 10%


Doggy day care in Bali.

Can’t bear to leave the furries at home while you are working or busy? Let them hang out with us! Pack their lunch, snacks and toys and let them have fun with with our companionship while you are working or away. They could enjoy playing and socialize in the playground, or taking a good nap in individual room.

Rate: IDR 50.000 – 60.000 per visit

GROOMING (without cut)

Small breed = IDR 100.000/pet
Medium breed = IDR 110.000/pet
Large breed = IDR 120.000/pet
Extra large breed = IDR 150.000/pet
Cat = IDR 100.000/pet


Boarding include freshwater, play time minimum twice a day, direct and CCTV supervision, photo/video updates. Every pet area has double door for security purposes.

For safety and welfare purpose, please make sure that your pets fulfil boarding requirement to ensure admission.