The Bali Dog Halfway House

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We are halfway there.. to forever home

I have dog withdrawal all the time.
If a week goes by without a dog, something feels wrong. That’s why I always miss my dog
tremendously when I am away, that’s why my life actually changes since we adopted him.
The things I do, the places I visit, almost every decisions are based on how it would affect him,
affect us with him.

Anyway, befriending many beach stray dogs had been the activity in Bali that we do starting years
ago until now, unlike human interaction, my weakness and limitation,
I never had overload dog interaction, nothing is too much. But escaping away from social media
for years make me miss, well, not much at all actually, but important one is knowledge about the
existence of many wonderful places for abandoned animals that we desperately need in Bali.

So I found The Bali Dog Halfway House through facebook page and was very eager to pay a visit.
They welcomed me well through our conversation and on the place itself. Since I only have
one day off weekly and have to juggle between tons of things to do, I was there for ‘merely’ one
and half hour, which is not enough, really!

I got to meet Cello, Jean, Poppy, Bonnie, Tilly, Rudy, Bindy, Bunga, Peggy, Saras, Saffron, Bless
and others I’m not sure how to spell.
I knew that I was on the right place when I heard the enthusiatic barks and let in by two
friendly staffs, and there I was, my favorite time, swarmed by friendly four-legged
friends. This is the moment that I always wish for extra two, three, six, ten pair of hands
because I want to pet them all and don’t want anybody to feel that they are left behind.

Dogs have different characters and how they approach human, some are very friendly and trusting, eagerly giving you a kiss, nose bump and demanding a stroke or belly rubs, some have their distance but welcome you when you attempt to pet them without being too intimidating, some would observe you from far, and some would need more time to know you.

Befriending many stray and rescue dogs, I have come to get more familiar with all that.
Most of them had gone through difficult life phases; beside
the physical condition like not having adequate shelter and food, some might have gone through
traumatic experiences like being abandoned, neglected, abused, ignored, looked down upon, chased away, beaten, unwanted.
It’s so understandable that some may want to be careful or have trust issue, or just like human,
dogs have their personalities and characters too without or without sad pasts.
Some would warm up to strangers quickly and some would need time, exactly just like us. Although
imo, they are much more genuine and trusting, re-learn to trust again and forgiving. Have you
ever accidentally stepped on your dog’s tail and felt so so horrible yet they are there wagging
it and accepting your apology even before you said it?

Anyway, after introduction period and they had decided that I was alright, I made myself comfortable
on the floor (that is cleanly maintained) so that I could be closer to them since they are in the
process of training to stay out of furniture. Bonnie quickly claimed my side and she tried to give
subtle warning to the rest who got too close, even if she didn’t mind to share, as Saffron, Bunga,
Peggy and Tilly enjoyed close interactions as well. Jean and Poppy kept a watchful but curious eyes,
I want to gain their trust if I’m able to visit again. For now, this is their comfortable range
and I respect it.
We sat there with the dog, chit chating about dogs (thanks!) and I actually found myself delaying
the time until I really needed to go.

Thanks that I had chance to meet them, to hear stories about these wonderful dogs, where they come
from, what they had gone through, and very very thankful to see that they are well taken cared of,
loved and have comfortable place to stay, that they have follow-up checks even after they have been adopted, because unfortunately, not all adoptions end up in happy ending.
With the hope that one day, all dogs will get what they deserve, a good home, where they are
cherished, from puppy until they grow old.

Bali Dog Halfway House helps to make it happens one step at a time, a group of solo rescuers getting together to provide as safe place for the dogs until they get their forever home, one dog at a time.
Thanks for welcoming them, me, and thanks for what you do.

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