Their home is with us

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I want to be the person my dog thinks I am..

Locky is my first dog that I can call my own. 

We used to have many family dogs in the past; Miki, Tiny, Bonnie, Lucu, Cori, Jessy, Bonnie (again), Kiki, Jimmy, Upik, Mopy.
They were all adopted except Cori, a German Shepherd we acquired to help us guarding the house. For the rest, we got them through different ways. My cousin picked up Miki wandering alone from the street and brought her home, Tiny, Bonnie and Lucu was the offsprings of Miki with neighbor’s dog (back then we didn’t know anything about sterilization, I’m not even sure there were vets in our town), we adopted Bonnie and Kiki as puppies, Mopy and Jessy were adopted from family members. 

Jimmy and Upik were given to us by villagers nearby. We stayed in remote area where strays were treated poorly, and dogs were just another annoying pests on the street. These people, despite their religion, took pity of these strays and brought them to us, I’m not sure what were their considerations, but they believe we would be able to take better care of them. Anyway, before I fade into the oblivion of rambling about every single dogs, that’s that. I love all those dogs but we shared the caretaking with the whole family, there were others to help with the feeding, love and treatments when they were sick.


With Locky, he only has me. Adopted from a friend, I was hesitating, a lot, so much so that I cancelled my plan to adopt another dog earlier from Barc, worrying about the logistic of traveling, long hours at work, etc etc etc. But Locky comes with a package of holiday home, that his original family would take care of him if I’m abroad. I have spent a looot of time contemplating, since I take ownership of dog very very seriously, but this could be it. The little guy needed a home, my friend trusted me with it (they don’t sell or anyhow gave dogs away unless they believe it’s in good hand).


So there I was, a Saturday, holding a scrawny smelly little boy on my arms. He was unsure, who is this and what am I here? Me too, even after befriending strays for years, I was frightened that I had a puppy. I gotta keep this thing alive!!! It’s no longer family dog, it’s my dog. And geez, he is looking at me, what should I do now??


Like many ordinary puppy, all Locky wants is company and playtime. He was an earful puppy, protesting with loud maddening decibel when we left him by himself, even when we were two steps away. He pooped on his bowl, flipped his water and chewed on slipper. But I had it easy I think, after two days of migraine, and apologizing to neighbors (they are all very nice neighbors) Locky learned that yapping is frowned upon, the potty train process were smooth, and the chewing, he understood NO very fast. I think Locky is a genius. Slowly I started to feel that I had a good grip of this dog parenting thingy; He picked up his boundaries, I brought him chew toys and treats to help with his teething, understanding the allocated toilet corner, and he is a perfect dog for me. Have you seen the movie As Good As It Gets? Starring Jack Nicholson, about someone with OCD having a dog. Why this movie? Nothing. It’s just a cute movie with sweet story about dog and the owner. Moving on.
I realize that I have so much to tell about Locky that I should stop now and focus on the topic of this one.



So, for the last couple of months and recently, we have new routine because of work. I notice something very impressive about Locky (warning: owner’s bias alert) that he seems to know if I’m leaving for work or just to run errand. Because he is calm and just laying there peacefully if I leave for errand and others. But if it’s for work, he would throw tantrum and jump his balls off in order to join me. This is something he never did. I used to leave him for work, that eventhough he had spacious space, full belly, toys and treats and full remote supervision, it’s still heartbreaking everytime. But he always calm and knew that I was going back to him at the end of the day, that we had allocated time together every day especially weekends. But now! He happens to ‘know’ about the workplace, and I bring him with me, because that is the point of me doing this, to be with him more. But the thing is, he couldn’t really sleep well yet at work, he has not used to the routine and condition that he would be on alert on guard for the new place all day long, in what used to be his sleeping hours. When we got home, he would quickly find his corner to catch couple of dreams while still in position to watch me preparing his meal. It’s heartbreaking to see how tired he is, and how soundly he sleeps when he is sure everything is safe.



I tried to give him days off, especially after his vaccination booster, which he needed better rest but boy oh boy, he was not up for negotiation. He has to go to work, I would jump until my body is longer than what a Shihtzu mix would look like and this is my high pitched sound that gave you a migraine back then! I know this is work day and don’t tell me otherwise!


So there he is, watching, curling or sleeping (trying), he doesn’t care that it’s not as cozy as home, he doesn’t care that he doesn’t sleep too well during day time, he doesn’t care that he needs to travel here and there. As long as I’m working, he is coming with me. Because now we can. It’s non negotiable and don’t tell him otherwise. NOPE.


I couldn’t understand it, stupidly, in the beginning, it honestly only caught up with me quite lately. I think for him,.. I am his home. Home is where I am, as long as he is with me, he is at home. He doesn’t care that it’s not as ideal, but home is home. 

Bless his pure genuine heart, I hope all of us, flawed human, really deserve the love of our dogs.

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